Children living with disabilities!


Children living with disabilities!

Working with children with disabilities has been part of my life journey since 2014 when I joined Kith
and Kids, A UK based Charity that focuses on working with children and adults with learning
disabilities and on the Autism spectrum Disorder.
My time at kith and kids was both challenging and rewarding in equal amounts, the idea is to be
both empathetic and compassionate. My days would range from attending the set activities planned
or doing whatever it is the child felt comfortable doing, and helping them calm their anxieties about
what new activity you might want them to engage in. Children with disabilities are special in the
sense that their view of the world is different from what we might be used to. Therefore, I urge all
volunteers looking to work in this sector to be very understanding and selfless.
The idea is be the fun in their day, bring your worldview to theirs and connect with them. These
children are usually alienated from society; abandoned by their parents many do not have families.
It is therefore imperative that we as society remember that these children are valuable members of
our society and we need to include them. This can be through Bambino Life or with in your friend
groups and visiting these homes and just having a fun day with them. In addition fundraising for the
charities that work with children living with disabilities to help better support the people that take
care of them on a daily basis.
We need to appreciate the people and families that take care of these children on a daily basis, it is
challenging (emotionally, financially and mentally) to say the least and we can be the people that
support them and give them a change of routine for at least a day. Let us work together to support
these children and their families.

By Linda Naomie Kirokimu.
Sector : Children living with disabilities.

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