Christmas at Noah’s ark


Christmas at Noah’s ark

On a beautiful Saturday morning of the 22nd Dec 2018, we headed to Noah’s ark in Entebbe, a home catering for children living with disabilities. The home has a total of about 36 children, however not all of them are orphans. Out of the 36 children, about 20 children ranging from ages 3 to 17 years call this place their permanent home. We hope to make Christmas special for them this year since every child deserves to spend Christmas surrounded by happiness, joy and laughter. With our gifts and donations, we reached the home at about 1:30 pm. They had set up well for us with balloons and decorations everywhere. The children were happy to receive us and our program for the day started. We had activities like face painting, gift unwrapping, cake cutting, dancing among other activities and we also had to share a special meal together.

Everything went beautifully, from cutting three cakes, to dancing, eating and when time for gift unwrapping came, it was excitement all over for the children.

We’re truly blessed and happy to have shared Christmas with these amazing souls. It was truly happiness all through.

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